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Omnianimeman Ponified by Omnianimeman-brony Omnianimeman Ponified by Omnianimeman-brony
Pony Name: Burning Zeal

Age: 25

Pony type: Unicorn Pegasus Or Earth Pony

Gender: Male

Birth Place: He Was Created By The Omniversal Emperor

Height: 6'0

Weight: 210 Lbs

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black And Red

Fur color: Brown

Likes: Sweets The Mane Six The Crusaders

Being A Hero Saving And Rescuing Others

Dislikes: Evil And Being Bored

Allies: The Princesses And The Mane Six And More

Occupation: Hero For Hire

Hobbies: Fighting Evil Monsters And Listening To Music

Special Abilities: The Ability To Charge From Unicorn To Pegasus

And Earth Pony Energy And Matter Manipulation And Self Replication

Personality: Kind And Caring Fun Loving Easy Going

And Serious When He Needs To Be

Weaknesses: His New Mortal Pony Body

Goal: To Regain His Full Power

Back Story: One Of The Omniverse Guardians One Day While Fighting A Dark Wrath

A Monster With The Power To Enter Other Universes And Destroy Planets

He Was About To Win When The Dark Wrath Caught Him By Surprise With A Full Power

Planet Destroyer Blast And Knock Him Back Into Another Universe And Awoke

To Find Himself In Equestria And Now A Unicorn At First

He Was Not Interested In The Mane Six Or Any Other Pony

But After Discovering That Almost All His Powers Were Gone

He Had To Find A Way To Regain His Full Power He Grew To

Like The Mane Six And The Other Ponies He Now Lives In

Twilight's Castle Looking For A Way To Restore His Powers

With Help From Twilight 
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